General Worker (US31957)

The General Worker course is a three hour introduction to Temporary Traffic Management (TTM).

This course is for anyone working on, or likely to visit, a worksite. It is not intended to replace a site induction, ConstructSafe etc, but offers a complimentary component. There are no prerequisites to the General Worker course.

The course will teach you how to enter and exist a worksite safely, how to work safely at a worksite (around road user and construction traffic) and be able to act as a spotter for vehicle manoeuvres.

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TTM Worker (US31958)

The TTM Worker course is intended for those assisting with Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) under direction. It is a prerequisite to the Traffic Management Operative (TMO) course.

There are two components. A classroom based theory session with a practical assessment delivered on the road.

The General Worker course is an optional prerequisite.

Th TTMW course will teach you a knowledge of the TTM Worker’s roles and responsibilities, including:

  • No go zones (including safety zones)
  • Manual handling/liftin of TTM equipment
  • Using a Stop/Go paddle
  • Using radio communications
  • Set out TTM equipment
  • The role of a “spotter”
  • Interaction with people (good/bad practices and dealing with conflict).
  • About Traffic Management Planning (TMP)
  • Site Traffic movements with a Vehicle Management Plan (VMP)

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