Temporary Traffic Management Training – Canterbury | Waitaha

As the seasons change so do the varying demands of road and traffic management and maintenance. Winter can range from deep frosts and snow, to howling southerlies, or clear, crisp and cold sunny days. Summer brings the scorching Nor wester, and long sunny days.

No matter what, Canterbury/Waitaha’s range of weather conditions are matched equally by the wide range of roads – from busy highways and expressways, to long, straight roads that stretch forever across the Plains. Through Banks Peninsula the beauty of the bays and harbours are reflected by the winding, often narrow roads, busy as any on a holiday weekend.

There’s no doubt about, the region has had its challenges over the past 10 years, and the rebuild efforts from Waka Kotahi, local government and the highly skilled contractors responsible have seen fantastic outcomes! The roads have never been better.

But of course, ongoing growth and regular maintenance requires the temporary traffic management crews, engineers, designers, Road Controlling Authorities, and consultants to continue to be on top of their game.

Do you have training under control for your team?

NGTC continues to service the region with a regular range of temporary traffic management courses, including all the new workshops: TTM Worker, TMO, and STMS, as well as the Kerbside Collection Traffic Leader (KCTL).

All those working within the temporary traffic management and related industries have an obligation to ensure all employees or contractors deployed hold the necessary – and current – qualifications as appropriate to their job role.

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