Temporary Traffic Management Training – Waikato

With road and rail links continually growing for the Waikato region, roading and related infrastructure continues to make a major contribution to the quality of business and our personal lives.

While the Waikato Expressway north is all go, other major works continue with either upgrades or new developments. As such, major Temporary Traffic Management worksites will continue to be seen across the whole Waikato region for some time to come!

Many job opportunities in the temporary traffic management workspace continue to be available in this region. To ensure you are appropriately skilled and qualified to work on the tools, whether as a TMO or STMS professional, NGTC – as NZTA certified providers of quality training – will accommodate routine or bespoke requirements for your training needs.

We are finding an excellent option for our clients is providing training that is directly focused for your company and the activities you provide. The new Waka Kotahi NZTA Training and Competency model has enabled us to be more focused many areas, and we can deliver these for your crews alone. We can come to your premises or a suitable local venue to deliver exceptional training across the whole of the Waikato, and are able to deliver Traffic Management Operative (TMO) or Site Traffic Management Specialist training to small or large groups.

Book online today with NGTC to certify your Waikato-based staff, or renew an existing certification through our refresher course.

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