Temporary Traffic Management Training – Taranaki

Taranaki has a strong export-based economy and continues to grow as a region. With that in mind, our primary focus for the region is on improving access, and ensuring the region’s highway network is resilient, safer and enables reliable journey times. Improving the safety of the key corridors, will reduce the numbers of deaths and serious injuries in the region.

Taranaki contributes significantly to the New Zealand economy, and we’re committed to maintaining and improving road quality and safety across the region.

NZTA – Taranaki 2020 Update

Taranaki has had its ups and downs with regional growth, but it sure is happening now! There are a number of major projects planned and/or happening such as the Mt Messenger Bypass, the Awakino Gorge to Mt Messenger safety and resilience improvements project, the SH3 Waitara to Bell Block safety improvements project and improvements to the Forgotten World Highway (SH43).

What this means for temporary traffic management workers is that there is going to be no shortage of opportunities to get in that Taranaki sunshine and earn some good money!

From our point of view, Taranaki’s needs and opportunities mean that NGTC will be regular visitors, offering the same level of training and professional services we always have. Whether it’s the new Traffic Management Operative (replacing the previous Traffic Controller TC courses), or taking the more experienced professionals onto their new or refresher Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS) training workshops, you’ll receive the very best in work skills raising the bar for the essential traffic management workers in the ‘naki.

And, best of all, we’re able to come to you and work to your specific schedule and needs.

Book online today with NGTC to certify your Taranaki-based staff, or renew an existing certification through our refresher course.

Contact us with a specific enquiry, or to book training now.


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